Libreville, Gabon (Feb 18-21)

We arrived in Libreville, Gabon 15 hours after we left the hotel in Pointe Noire, Congo for what is normally a one hour flight! We flew from Pointe Noire, Congo to Malabo, Equatorial Guinea. After a long layover there, we flew all the way to Lome, Togo, only to fly back to the east side of Equatorial Guinea, to Libreville, Gabon. Justin and I were both able to sleep on the plane, which we needed to do, because that evening was packed, as well as our schedule for the next 21 days.

I thought the people in Congo were engaged, but the group we had in Gabon was doubly so! One day during lunch, Justin disappeared. When he came back I asked him where he went. He told me that many people wanted to dedicate their lives to missions and asked him to pray for them. Please understand that the church in Gabon is not known for missions. In fact Christian, who is a missionary from Gabon and traveling with us to Sao Tome, told me that the reason he is not married is because there are not any women in Gabon who are interested in a man called to missions. Pray with us for the Lord to bring him the right wife who is also called to missions.

The Congo was warm. Gabon is hot and humid. The church we were in was like a sauna...or football locker room. There will be at least 2 from Congo and 2 from Gabon who attend the next Leadership Development Academy(LDA) that Justin holds in Chad from about August 12 to November 11. He wanted it about 4 days longer, but no visas are required for Central Africans to go there for 3 months or under, so he is going to re-arrange his schedule accordingly.

We handed out 35 Facilitator Workbooks and received 19 contracts and other forms back from the group in Gabon. Our host, Bienvenu says that six of them are ready to begin now. The Lord is going before us!

After jamming about 1.5 days worth of material into ¾ of a day, Justin and I quickly ate some food that was prepared for us and went to the airport. The plane was to leave an hour Africa! We had to give our luggage (and passports) to Christian, the missionary who was to introduce us to a few pastors in Sao Tome, in order to go ahead of us, check our luggage and get our boarding passes. When we got to the airport, there was no Christian and the flight was to leave within the hour. But in 10-15 minutes he showed and we flew together to Sao Tome Principe.

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