About the Repulic of Congo

The Republic of the Congo  is located in west-central Africa along and boarders the Atlantic Coast.  The Republic of Congo lies on the west coast of Africa and has Cameroon on one side and the Democratic Republic on the other side.  Officially known as the Republic of the Congo, the country is often called Congo.  Congo as a whole is sparsely inhabited, with more than half of its population living in the cities. The most populous city... is the capital, Brazzaville, which is located in the southeastern corner of the country and is a major inland port on the Congo River.  The country’s tropical climate is characterized by heavy precipitation and high temperatures and humidity.  Much of the country is covered with tropical rainforest.  Petroleum and mining are the major export industries, followed by forestry and commercial agriculture.   Like many African countries, Congo has a fast-growing, relatively young population.  The birthrate is among the world's highest, having approximately two-fifths of the population under 15 years of age. The Republic of Congo is one of the most urbanized countries in Africa, with almost two-thirds of the population living in the urban conglomeration from Brazzaville to Pointe Moiré.  The most common health problems are respiratory diseases, malaria, tuberculosis, and intestinal parasites.  In addition to sleeping sickness, yellow fever, leprosy, yaws, and HIV/AIDS.  Disease control is difficult in the Congo because most water sources are polluted and sanitation is poor, even in the cities.

What's Happening in Republic of Congo

The Republic of Congo has been heavily evangelized. However, with the corruption and chaos in this nation, many Christians don't have a clear grasp of repentance and faith in Christ. THIS IS CHANGING!  God is blanketing the Congo with Live School from the north to the south of the country so quickly! The harvest there GREAT! As our students are learning how to operate Live School, they are also being trained on Farming God's Way ...and seeing great success!  Not only are seeing phenomenal results from our Live Schools, we have found great favor within the nation and its leaders.  People are hungry for truth and God is meeting them in a mighty way.  We are seeing great things in this nation.

**Our country statistics are provided by Joshua Projects at joshuaproject.net

Please Pray for Republic of Congo

Pray that the walls of religion and fettishes would fall and that truth would grasp the hearts of the people of the Congo. Pray that laborers would rise up to take the Gospel to the uttermost parts of the Congo.

Abundant Life

Abundant Life

Reconciliation Through..

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