About Mali

Mali is a country that is landlocked in Western Africa, mostly in the Sahelian and Saharan regions, making it mostly flat and arid.  Mali is a nation that is largely Muslim. The Niger River brings great benefit to this nation, functioning as the main trading and transport system in the country.  Because of this,the soil along the banks of the Niger River are fertile, creating pasture for... livestock.   The economy is based on agriculture, cotton production, cattle and camel herding, and fishing.   Mali has basically 2 seasons, a dry climate and a wet climate.  This means that temperatures range from 77 °F to about 113°F.  About three-fifths of the population in Mali is rural.  However, there is a huge growth in the urban areas of Mali, making those 15 and younger the prominent age group among the people.  There are areas of Mali that are unsettled regions that desperately need prayer for the Gospel to penetrate the hearts of the people. Within Mali, there are 74 people groups, with 45 of those unreached. Currently, in Mali, less than 1% of the population are Christians.

What's Happening in Mali

Mali is incredibly volatile for Christians right now.   Christians risk being persecuted and even murdered for their faith.  Recently, an Arabic woman's husband was killed in the fighting in  Mali.  She gave her life to the Lord and because of this, was kicked out of her home and all of her possessions were taken.  But we know that our God is able.  He is able to tear down walls of religion.  He is able to heal a broken heart.  He is able to take a heart of stone and transform it.  With...
God, nothing is impossible.  In the midst of despair and brokenness, we are thankful that God is raising up leaders to help spread the Gospel in this nation.

**Our country statistics are provided by Joshua Projects at joshuaproject.net

Please Pray for Mali

Pray for the perseverance of Christians in Mali despite threats from Islamists. Pray for the unity of the body of Christ in Mali. Pray that the leaders of the Churches of Mali understand the importance of Live School.

Abundant Life

Abundant Life

Reconciliation Through..

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