About Liberia

Liberia is a heavily forested coastal nation along the Atlantic Ocean on the Western side of Africa that borders Sierra Leone, Guinea and Côte d’Ivoire.  The climate, especially on the coast, is warm and humid year-round.  Liberia's primary occupation is agriculture due to the soil.  Liberia is also rich in natural resources. Prior to the civil war, it was among the leading producers of iron ore in Africa...However, it drastically declined due to the civil war and strife that lasts almost 2 decades.  Because of the calamity the civil war brought to the nation, Liberia is one of the poorest countries in the world with an estimated population of 4.9 million people.  Over two-fifths of the population of Liberia is under age 15 and only about 5 percent is older than 60. The country’s birth and death rates are among the highest in the world. Life expectancy is about 57.  Due to poor sanitation, unclean water, and the lack of adequate medical facilities, over 11,000 Liberians have died from the Ebola virus. The outbreak has impacted crop production, income levels and food security as well. HIV/AIDS has also affected the country greatly.  Almost 45,000 people are living with HIV/AIDS within Liberia and only 19% have access to treatment.  Adequate food supply is still a huge problem within Liberia. Though the country has a vast amount of farming land and plenty of natural resources, the war has had a lasting impact the country as a whole. The price of food has soared, causing even great issues among the people.  Because of this, a higher rate in malnutrition among children 5 and under has been the result.  Due to the grave conditions within Liberia, child labor has become a problem.  While Liberia only has about five unreached people groups among the 39 people groups within the nation, the work to do in Liberia is very large. Not only are we targeting the unreached people groups there, but we are working to circumvent the extreme issue of poverty among the people. The nation continues to be plagued with disease, entrenched fetishism and continual disruption of war, which has added hurdles for the Gospel to penetrate the hearts of the people..

What's Happening in Liberia

The Gospel is being taken to the uttermost ends of Liberia, where the Gospel has not been yet and we are seeing great results.  Two years ago, the vision was cast to begin Live School in some of the hardest areas of Liberia.  God does not disappoint!  Not only have Live Schools been started, but churches have been planted and Farming God's Way is being taught to nationals.  What man thinks is impossible, God reminds us that NOTHING is impossible when He is at the center of the plan

**Our country statistics are provided by Joshua Projects at joshuaproject.net

Please Pray for Liberia

Pray for the political climate. Pray for our Live School leadership. Pray for focus on the vision of the Great Commission and a demonstration of the Gospel. Pray against animism.

Abundant Life

Abundant Life

Reconciliation Through..

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