About Guinea-Bissau

Guinea-Bissau is located on the Atlantic Coast on the western side of Africa. Situated between Senegal and Guinea, Guinea-Bissau is a low-lying coastal region of swamps, rain forests, and mangrove-covered wetlands, with a scattering of islands off the coast. Because of the nation being low-lying, the coast is hit by tidal waves actually benefiting the soil. Due to this, the economy is largely agricultural, with good prospects for forestry and fishery development. Guinea-Bissau is a...Portuguese-speaking nation. Population growth in Guinea-Bissau is lower than that of the rest of the African continent. Life expectancy for both men and women is well below the African average with a high infant mortality rate. Most of the population is currently 15 years and under. Two-thirds of the population is under 30. Health care systems throughout Guinea-Bissau are incredibly poor. Infant mortality rates remain high, in large part because of diarrhea, malnutrition, and upper respiratory infections. Improper sanitation and waste treatment remain significant challenges within this nation. Much of the population remains undernourished. In addition, tropical diseases, especially malaria, are widespread and bring high rates of mortality. Other health concerns include cholera, bilharzia, and leprosy. Guinea-Bissau was once hailed as a potential model for African development, but is now one of the poorestncountries in the world. Having been devastated by years of struggle for independence, violence, and guerrilla warfare, the nation continues to struggle with an overwhelming foreign debt and an economy which relies heavily on foreign aid. Since many of the drug lords have now fled Columbia, it has been said that Guinea Bissau is the transition point for the cartels to send drugs into Europe. It makes one wonder if there is a connection with this and the country’s unstable political history, where not one president has gone full-term since achieving independence. With over 35 people groups within Guinea-Bissau, there are still 21 unreached people groups that have never heard the Gospel.

What's Happening in Guinea-Bissau

Sonrise International has recently partnered with a missionary from Brazil, who came to reach the Jola Tribe and has witnessed many coming to the Lord in this broken nation.  When he came in 2000 there were no Jola believers! In 2016, he was working with 8 villages and the majority of them had turned to Christ. Now, he is working in 22 villages and the people are FULLY turning to Christ! What an amazing site as the Body of Christ works together in Guinea-Bissau to further the Gospel. Our missionary...friend has expressed an interest in joining us in not only using Live School to train some of his Jola disciples, but also to help us get Live School into the hands of other mission-minded churches in the north of Guinea-Bissau.  On a recent trip to Guinea-Bissau, we had the opportunity to give the Salvation message to 10 prisoners.  All 10 of the prisoners asked Jesus to be their Lord!  Shortly after, they were released from jail.  This is OUR GOD!  The people in this nation are hungry for God!   Sonrise International believes that the Gospel will take this nation by force and lives will be set free by the Good News of Jesus Christ.

**Our country statistics are provided by Joshua Projects at joshuaproject.net

Please Pray for Guinea-Bissau

Pray for stability and peace in the political arena. Pray that Farming God’s Way would be used to empower the church out of poverty and to make disciples of these people.

Abundant Life

Abundant Life

Reconciliation Through..

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