About Guinea

Guinea is located in western Africa along the Atlantic Coast. The climate is one of a tropical climate, alternating between hot and wet seasons. Three of western Africa’s major rivers run through Guinea - the Gambia, the Niger, and the Sénégal, which makes Guinea rich in natural resources, boasting a large portion of the world’s bauxite reserves and significant amounts of iron, gold, and diamonds. The economy is largely based on...subsistence agriculture. However, due to poor governance, weak economic policies, and inadequate infrastructure, poverty is rampant in Guinea. The poverty in Guinea is so crushing that the majority of its citizens have little or no reliable access to food, water, healthcare, education, or government services. Guinea's political system is increasingly growing corrupt, which continues to affect the nation in a negative way. The average life expectancy is currently 50 years old. The population of Guinea is young, with more than two-fifths of the people under age 15. Like many of the African nations, healthcare is an issue and many face epidemic diseases. Guinea was hit by the Ebola epidemic in 2015, reporting more than 2,081 confirmed Ebola cases and over 453 deaths. They continue to face this deadly illness. More than four-fifths of the population is Muslim, predominantly Sunni. Less than one-tenth of Guineans are Christian. Guinea’s population is 87% unreached, with unreached people groups being the 2 most populous peoples in Guinea.

What's Happening in Guinea

Guinea is in desperate need of Jesus.  With a corrupt government and rampant poverty and illness through the country, people are starving for the truth.  We are systematically placing Live Schools across the country to alleviate this problem.  We are working with leaders from a denomination that get MISSIONS!  Currently, the leaders of this denomination have dedicated a room at their Bible School to Live School students.  They are also wanting men and women...that are not currently enrolled in the Bible School to go through Live School as they believe in the fruit that it produces.  There are so many exciting things in the works throughout Guinea.  We see the hand of God throughout this nation.

**Our country statistics are provided by Joshua Projects at joshuaproject.net

Please Pray for Guinea

Pray for political stability in this nation. Pray against the spirit of the ethnic and tribal division among Guineans. Pray for unity within the body of Christ and for boldness to empower the saints to reach this mostly unreached population of Guinea.

Abundant Life

Abundant Life

Reconciliation Through..

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