About Chad

Chad is a landlocked country in central Africa. It is bordered by Libya to the north, Sudan to the east, the Central African Republic to the south, Cameroon and Nigeria to the southwest, and Niger to the west. Chad is divided into three major geographical regions: a desert zone in the north, an arid Sahelian belt in the center and a more fertile Sudanese savanna zone in the south.  Chad’s climates range from wet and dry tropical to hot arid. Chad has a relatively short rainy season. The rivers and the lake are among the richest ... in fish of all African waters. But because of the climate, the humid regions also contain swarms of insects, some of which are dangerous. Cotton is one of Chad’s main agricultural products. However, it is basically an export crop because the processing of raw cotton provides employment for many. The discovery of oil within Chad has quickly became the country’s most important resource and export.   Even with a  nation rich in resources, Chad is one of poorest nations in the world.  Life expectancy is less than 50 years. Almost half the population of Chad is under age 15. The primary causes of death in Chad include lower respiratory infections, malaria, and HIV/AIDS. Chad is home to over 200 different ethnic and linguistic groups. French and Arabic are the official languages. Islam is the most widely practiced religion. Christians make up 27.8% of Chad’s population. There are 141 people groups in Chad, with still 77 unreached people groups that need to be reached. 

What's Happening in Chad

When Sonrise International first started working in Chad, we thought it would be one of the more difficult countries we were to work in. With the refugees from the war in Central Africa along the southern border, and the refugees from Sudan along with east border, we are seeing Live School students do amazing things to reach these refugees with the love of God through the truth of the gospel. Not only do we have many French speaking Live Schools there, but we are also beginning some Arabic speaking Live Schools to reach into the north.  A new Live School has been strategically...started in Chad to specifically train indigenous missionaries to target unreached people groups and unengaged unreached people groups throughout Chad.  In addition, Farming God's Way has been introduced to Live School students as well as nationals.  We are see great results from our Pastors Meetings, one of our recent events, over 205 Pastors attended from 8 of the 11 states! God is moving and we are humbled by His continual grace and mercy that He shows His people.

**Our country statistics are provided by Joshua Projects at joshuaproject.net

Please Pray for Chad

Pray wisdom and humility upon Chad’s leadership, so that Christians may live a peaceful and productive life for the Kingdom. Pray for the hearts of the Christians to be broken for the vast harvest in this country.

Abundant Life

Abundant Life

Reconciliation Through..

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