Cameroon is on the continental "hinge" between West and Central Africa. It is semi-arid in the north, with grasslands in the center & rainforest in the south. Mount Cameroon is not only Cameroon’s highest mountain but is the highest point in all of Central Africa. It is also an active volcano located in the west of Cameroon near the Atlantic coast. Cameroon’s main trade is timber, cocoa, and coffee and agriculture makes up 60% of ... the workforce. It has the highest literacy rates within Africa, but because of corruption and decades of authoritarian rule, its economic progress is incredibly slow. With over 292 people groups within Cameroon, there are currently 17 unreached people groups. Although the nation shows 53% of the people are professing Christians, actually Evangelical Christians are more along the lines of 8.51%. There is much to be done in this great nation.

What's Happening in Cameroon

Throughout Cameroon, we are seeing repentance, an awareness and fervent prayer for the church and Africa as a whole, and a nation that is hungry for truth.  We are so encouraged by the fruit that is being produced in Cameroon.  Farming God's Way is being taught to the nationals and Live School Students and is having great success!  For hundreds of years, although the soil is rich throughout Africa, because of the world view, people have starved and lived beyond poverty.  Yet, God is...meeting the needs of His creation.  Men, women and children are seeing firsthand that there is a God that answers their cries and meets their needs.  We are excited about what lies ahead for Cameroon and believe that many will come to know Jesus as their Lord and personal Savior.

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Please Pray

Pray for terrorist violence to stop in the Far North, West, and South West regions. Pray for Christians to develop a mission’s mindset. Pray for churches to embrace Live School as a tool to raise up laborers for the harvest.

Abundant Life

Abundant Life

Reconciliation Through..

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