About Benin

Benin is a long, narrow country wedged between Nigeria and Togo on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean in west Africa.  Benin is a relatively small country and is home to approximately 11.7 million people and the terrain is diverse.  Benin consists of five natural regions. The coastal region, barre country, Benin plateaus, Atakora Mountains, and the Niger plains. The climate is hot and humid throughout Benin.   French is the... main language spoken.  Benin’s rate of population growth is among the highest in the world. Two-fifths of the population is younger than 15 years of age. More than one-third of the population in Benin is impoverished and many are starving within the nation.  Sanitation also remains an issue in Benin.   Child marriage is a serious problem for the country.  Benin is a nation that is seeing some improvement in health standards, but like many of the African nations, is considered a 3rd world nation.   Having been heavily evangelized over the years, the nation is said to be mostly Christian.  However, the nation is heaped in traditions.  Many still practice animist religion, which include fetishes or objects regarded to embody powerful spirits.  With 63 people groups within this nation, there are currently 13 unreached people groups.


What's Happening in Benin

People are hungry for the truth in Benin. The church is desperate for discipleship, but God is raising up nationals to bring the Gospel to the people of Benin.   Our coordinator is going throughout the nation beginning Live Schools and teaching the nationals about Farming God’s Way and the response has been nothing more than amazing.  We are seeing great favor from national leaders within the church that are getting behind Live School.  Recently, our coordinator went to... Comé, an unreached village in the SW of the country, and planted the first church ever in this village.  The reception was amazing.   We are encouraged and excited for the things taking place in Benin.  God is on the move and hearts are being transformed from the Gospel!  Sonrise International started out at a very fast pace within Benin, causing us to regroup. Now that we have begun afresh, things are again moving forward quickly, and we believe we will see a large impact as God uses the Benin Church to push back the curse of Voodoo that has been operating in the nation.

**Our country statistics are provided by Joshua Projects at joshuaproject.net

Please Pray for Benin

Pray for the coordinators to recognize those churches that Live School will empower to fulfill their mission’s vision. Pray for God’s timing to enter the northwest region of the country and for Farming God’s Way to take root within the nation.

Abundant Life

Abundant Life

Reconciliation Through..

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