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Sonrise International exists to bring transformation to cultures for the Glory of God by opening the bottleneck of laborers to the mission field.

We do this by assisting the national churches in West and Central Africa (WACA) train some of its every day, ordinary believers to be effective cross cultural missionaries.

The process is very efficient and practical. The main tool we are currently using to accomplish this is the Live School, which is a missions video school that contains 28 courses (259 sessions approximately on hour in length) designed to build into a national who has at least a 6th grade education what he or she needs to be a successful fulltime missionary.

From the outset of an intake of Live School students, the host pastor and facilitator(s) present the students with a vision, a set of objectives to accomplish. The host church is raising laborers to plant churches in areas the pastor and his team believe God is sending them to make disciples of Jesus. This vision is kept before the students, and they pray throughout the course to seek God’s strategy to develop meaningful relationship with and reach these people with the truth and love of Christ. After completing the curriculum phase of the school, the students go on outreach to these targeted locations and people, actually serving and loving those for which they have been praying for months, and actually doing what they have learned in the curriculum phase of the school. Under the host pastor’s guidance, branch churches are usually planted to disciple and grow the new believers that result from the students’ efforts. Some of the graduates often return or are sent back to that location to provide the leadership of the new church(es). Others return to help the host pastor or other churches from which they may have come to attend Live School.

The training is intense and practical. It deals with the heart or the character of the person first. It is important to identify and allow the Holy Spirit time to minister to the students to heal hurts and help the students through issues of offence and forgiveness. Then the students move into a practical theology section of the school to ensure that in the essentials everyone is on the same page. We don’t want to propagate heresy. From theology the students enter a missiology and proven evangelism methods, emphasizing bringing the Gospel to those who have never heard it in culturally relevant ways. As the school continues, it becomes more and more practical, like our faith. “Faith without works is dead” (James 2:17). The last section of the curriculum portion of the school has to do with Acts of Kindness. Live School is very holistic.

Meeting a person’s natural needs opens a person’s heart to the Gospel (Lk 5:4-11; Rom 2:4). It is hard to hear the Gospel when your stomach is hungry. Courses like Farming God’s Way, You Can Start a Business, Community Development and others provide a great platform for which to share the Gospel (Gen 12:1-3). Live School ministers to the student’s spirit, soul and body. It provides them a road map to break the poverty cycle in their lives and the lives of those they seek to reach. This results in more ardent and focused laborers, as they seek to bless others with the love of Christ and power of the Gospel.

The face of missions has changed.  We assist the national churches in WACA. The Great Commission is given to the Church to accomplish. It is in close proximity to the remaining unreached in most of the world. Therefore, it is much more efficient and effective to equip and mobilize those in the Church there to reach their “neighbors,” than go to the cost and time to send western missionaries to places they often, frankly, cannot even go. Indigenous believers often already live on the same economic plain and speak a related dialect.

The laborers are few, but the potential laborers are many! They fill the local churches in the world. Host pastors across WACA and other regions of the world are using Live School to equip and send many laborers to make disciples among the unreached, usually resulting in branch churches being planted in unreached areas. It is the Church which makes disciples. We serve the Church in West and Central Africa to help them reach their needy neighbors (Josh 1:13-15).  After developing a relationship with mission-minded pastors, we train a few of those they are mentoring to facilitate Live School for some of their members.  Live School is a tool that trains everyday believers how to be indigenous missionaries.

Why does this work? 

Essentially, with Live School we bring some of the best missions training available to the rural areas, where the need is the greatest. In Africa, when a rural pastor sends his most promising leaders to the big city to be trained, a majority of those missionaries never return to the rural area. But Live School empowers the local rural church to be the church and help fulfill its purpose there. Live School is a tool to equip the ordinary believer in a church for outreach and mission. As they learn who they are and the reason they are here, normal Christians are allowing God to do extraordinary things in and through them to advance His kingdom.


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The Scope of the Work Being Done in West & Central Africa

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